DAISY BALLOON Book vol.1 "Daisy Balloon"
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DAISY BALLOON Book vol.1 "Daisy Balloon"

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Balloon artist Rie Hosokai and art director/graphic designer Takashi Kawada travel the world together as the balloon unit, Daisy Balloon. Over the course of 3 years from 2008 to 2011, they pursued the possibilities of balloon art and in this book they present their works. 
Inspired by flowing, airy, fluttering motions, the theme of “Expressive Balloons.” 
Drawn from the analogy of layering tiny balloons to layers of creativity is “The Art of Layering.”
Exhibited at Harbor City Taiwan’s Chocolate A-Z Exhibition is “Light, Shadow and Balloons.”
Contributed to RICH magazine/issue01 launched in April 2010, “The Girl Who Fluttered Down.”
The irony of a pointless and foolish battle portrayed in “Balloon Wars.” 
The story of “Forest Apple Bear” woven out to show the technicality of the art and appreciate balloons for what they are. These are the concepts compiled in this book. 

Publication : February 15, 2014
 Publisher : Takashi Kawada 

Publishing Office : KOTENHITS (HITSFAMILY)
 Contact : Daisy Balloon 1892-1-4, Ushikubochou, Tsuzuki-ku,
 Yokohama Kanagawa, 224-0011 Japan

 Tel +81-45-511-8538 

Production : DAISY BALLOON
 Book Design : Takashi Kawada
 Editor : Arata Sasaki 
Translator : Saori Hamada

Book Size : W220×H277×D13mm
 Book Style : 104 pages / Slide Case
 Language : Japan, English
 Weight : 650g 

Color : White / Silver / Gold / Rainbow / Hologram
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